Spa package
with overnight stay

Stay one night and enjoy peace and tranquillity or stay more nights for true recovery and filling up of your energy tank. 

We have three great restaurants that you can choose from during your stay. Choose the package with the restaurant of your liking.

  • Minamo - à la carte restaurant where the menu is inspired by modern Japanese cuisine. We also serve plant-based alternatives. A 3-course dinner is included in your package. 

  • Izakaya Nagi - Izakaya Nagi is the restaurant which is next to the Japanese bath. Savour warm and cold dishes, sushi and sweet creations. A 3-course dinner is included in your package. 

  • Teppanyaki Kiri - Each table has its own chef who prepares the food in front of you on a hot iron plate. Here we serve a set menu with 6 different dishes, inspired by the Japanese cuisines and our immediate surroundings. You will sit with others, up to 9 people, at each frying table.


We also offer day packages, read more here

Here is some useful information before your visit

Always included in our overnight packages

  • Access to the Japanese bath
  • Fruit- and tea buffet
  • Activities according to daily program
  • Yukata and slippers to borrow, swimwear to keep
  • Overnight stay and breakfast buffet
  • 3 course a la carte dinner

Featured packages

Our bestseller

Overnight stay with dinner

Check in: 3.30 PM

Enjoy an overnight stay with a 3 course dinner inspired by the Japanese cuisine. Relax in the Japanese bath where hot springs and nature awaits you. Book now!

Bed & breakfast with japanese bath

Overnight stay with japanese bath & breakfast

Check in: 3.30 PM

Enjoy an overnight stay including breakfast, entrance to the japanese bath and activities. This package is bookable 1-4 nights and you can choose to add dinner if you wish.

Other packages

200 SEK discount - treatment included

Overnight stay with dinner and treatment

Check in: 3.30 PM

Treat yourself with everyday luxury. Overnight stay with dinner, Japanese bath and treatment. For you who has time to come a weekday.

Dinner experience

Overnight stay with Teppanyaki

Check in: 2.30 PM

Get a unique dining experience in our restaurant Teppanyaki Kiri. You sit together with other guests at a frying table with your own chef who cooks the food in the middle of the table as you watch. Relax in the Japanese bath with hot springs and participate in our invigorating activities.

Izakaya dinner

Overnight stay Izakaya Nagi

Check in: 3.30 PM

Enjoy an overnight stay with a dinner at Izakaya Nagi. Here you will find warm and cold dishes, sushi and sweet creations. The menu includes three dishes, each with the same portion size, and you can choose exactly what you'd like. Here you'll also find our vegan menu, Saishoku, which does not contain gluten, lactose, or nuts.

4 extra hours at the Japanese bath

Friday rest- with more time in the bath

Check in: 2.30 PM

Unwind before the start of the weekend with our package Friday Rest. Check in at 2:30 pm. and relax at the Japanese bath and enjoy delicious Japanese inspired meals at one of our restaurants. After check out on the Saturday at 10:00 a.m, you have extra time in the Japanese bath until 4 p.m. Let the weekend start in a fully relaxed state.

4 hours of extra time in Japanese bath

Sundayrest- more time in bath

Check in: 11.30 AM (hotel rooms 4.30 PM

Let sunday become a day of recovery. Arrive at 11.30 am and start the day with lunch and time in the Japanese bath, thereafter check in to your room. A package for you who understands the importance of taking time for revitalization. You will get 4 hour extra hours in the Japanese bath. Enjoy the evening with a dinner inspired by the Japanese cuisine.

Weekday break

Weekday break

Check in: 4.30 PM - 9.00 AM

Need a break in the middle of the workweek? Book this affordable overnight package with dinner, breakfast and time to unwind in the Japanese bath and activities that calm and strengthen your body and mind. Valid Monday - Wednesday,

Ryokan Hanare - our most exclusive suite

Overnight Stay Ryokan Hanare

Check in: 2.30 PM

Our most exclusive suite with a private relax area with out door jacuzzi, sauna, in door hot spring and ablution area.

Ryokan - a Japanese guest house

Overnight Stay Ryokan

Check in: 2.30 PM

This suite has a traditional Japanese bath and hot spring similar to a Ryokan - a Japanese guest house.

500 SEK discount/night

Overnight stay 2-4 nights - Campaign

Check in: 3.30 PM

Stay three or four nights and get 500 SEK discount /night+ lunch (for 2 persons from standard package overnight with dinner).
This package is only available on selected days, but you can always book more than one night with our other non-discounted packages.


Overnight with dinner Senior

Check in:15:30

An Overnight package for up to 2 persons per room with dinner in one our restaurants of your choice. Only available selected days.

Frequently asked questions about our overnight packages

  • What is the age limit?

    We have age limit 16 years old. Age limit 13 years during the period: 31 October - 6 November. Book as adult. During periods in the summer we have Yasuragi Kids, then we welcome all ages. Please look out for new dates for 2023

  • What is included in the overnight packages?

    Our overnight packages always include free access to the Japanese bath, activities according to the daily program, loans of Yukata and slippers and swimwear to keep. It also includes a dinner and breakfast buffet. The check-in time depends on which package you have booked, the check-out time is always at 12.00.

  • Can I use the Japanese bath before I check in?

    You have access to the Japanese bath at the same times as you have access to the room. If you wish to arrive earlier or stay longer, we offer extended packages that also include lunch. You then get extra time in the Japanese bath, however, you have the hotel room the same time as before. Price from SEK 450 per person depending on the day of the week. You can make this supplement when you book online, or contact us afterwards and add it.

  • Do I have to use your swimwear, or can I bring my own?

    We do not allow you to use your own swimwear. This is partly for hygienic reasons, partly because we want to create an environment that is free from too many visual impressions. Because everyone wears the same swimwear, we get a calmer environment and you do not have to think about what to wear and what you or others look like.

  • I have a booking but need to change dates, how do I do it?

    You can log in to my page and send your request or you can email us at with your booking number and suggestion for a new date and we will get back to you.

  • Free parking?

    We have a parking lot located approximately 100 meters from the entrance that is free of charge for our guests. We have 6 charging stations for electric vehicles and 12 outlets. Register your car in the reception to obtain free parking.

Spa package with accomodation close to Stockholm

Yasuragi is located on Hasseludden only 20 minutes from Stockholm. We offer various spa packages for overnight stays, choose a night or why not a spa weekend. When booking several nights, you can also choose to add a lunch.

Our different overnight packages

We offer various overnight packages that are suitable for different needs.

Our standard package, Overnight with dinner, can be booked every day of the week. Check-in is at 3:30 pm and check-out is at 12:00 pm. During your stay, you have free access to the Japanese bath where you can enjoy our activities and book treatments. Dinner with a set menu is included, as well as breakfast on the day of departure. If you wish to spend more time in the Japanese bath, you can add our "come early" and "stay longer" packages, which also include lunch.

From Monday to Thursday, we offer the Spa Treatment package, which includes an optional 20-minute treatment in addition to the above. A truly luxurious weekday package. It is also possible to add the "come early" or "stay longer" packages here.

If you want to come on a Friday, we recommend the Friday Rest package, which allows you to check in at 2:30 pm and stay in the bath until 4:00 pm on Saturday. Lunch is included in this package.

If you come on a Sunday, we recommend the Sunday Rest package, which allows you to come as early as 11:30 am and bathe before check-in at 3:30 pm. Sunday is a true day of rest, starting with lunch and a bath.

If you want to stay for several nights, we offer advantageous packages with discounts when booking 2 or 3-night packages. Read more about these packages here: Overnight 2 nights, Overnight 3 nights.

To experience more of Japan, we recommend spending a night in our Ryokan. These rooms can be seen as Japanese inns where you can stay with up to 6 people and be taken care of by your own Nakai-San who will serve you dinner in your room. Learn more about Overnight Ryokan and Overnight Ryokan Hanare, which is our premium suite.

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