Japanese food
for all senses

Japanese restaurants
at Yasuragi

Yasuragi serves food inspired by the Japanese cuisine. The menu combines clean flavors with Japanese techniques in an aesthetic expression. A journey for all senses. Here you will find our à la carte restaurant Minamo, the classic Teppanyaki Kiri and the newly opened Izakaya Nagi. You can also savour delicious drinks at our cocktail and terrace bar with views over the Stockholm archipelago. Enjoy Japanese food in Stockholm in a soothing and dreamlike atmosphere.

Dinner at Minamo

Opening hours: Monday - Sunday (Opens again 23 August)

The menu is inspired by the modern Japanese cuisine, combining distinct flavors with Japanese techniques.

Restaurant facts

  • Plantbased options available
  • View over the sea
  • 3 course a la carte dinner

Restaurant Teppanyaki Kiri

Opening hours: Thursday - Sunday

In Japanese cooking the visual experience is as important as the taste. In Teppanyaki Restaurant each table has its own chef to prepare the food in front of the guest on the griddle. Japanese ingredients, together with local Swedish ones, provide a unique dining experience. We serve a fixed six-course menu. Vegetarian menu is not served in this restaurant.

Restaurant facts

  • Food is cooked at big frying tables
  • Unique food experience
  • 6 course menu

Izakaya Nagi 凪

Opening hours: Lunch (Everyday), Dinner (Tuesday - Saturday) CLOSED DURING SUMMER (JUNE 12 - AUG 20)

Discover a new world of flavors at Izakaya Nagi 凪. Next to the Japanese bath, you will find a lunch and dining (and everything in between) concept that has something for every taste. Choose between various and unique warm and cold dishes, sushi and delicious sweet creations. You can even choose dishes from the full on vegan part of the menu “Saishoku”. Every dish has its roots in the Japanese cuisine. Here you can eat lunch or dinner if you choose one of our packages with Izakaya Nagi as a dining alternative. Choose your culinary delights and your time to taste and fully enjoy.

Restaurant facts

  • Japanese inspired lunch
  • Sushi and warm dishes for dinner
  • Plantbased alternatives available

Cocktail Bar

Opening hours: Sun - Wed 3 - 11 p.m / Thurs - Sat 3 - 12 p.m

Here you are served classical cocktails, mocktails and eco wines by the glas along with exciting beers from around the world. Relax with a glas of eco certified Champagne, while enjoying the stunning view from our roof top terrace.

Restaurant facts

  • Our own sake
  • Classical cocktails
  • Eco wines

Frequently asked questions about our restaurant

  • What type of food is included in the packages?

    All overnight packages include breakfast and dinner. The day package includes lunch, you can also add for breakfast. The evening package includes dinner. For dinner we offer 3 different set menus.

  • Can I have my own clothes in the restaurant?

    As a guest at Yasuragi, you will wear your yukata, the Japanese cotton robe, throughout your stay, including meals. It is part of our concept to create as calm and uniform an environment as possible.

  • What does set menu means?

    We have 3 different menus to choose from. It is not possible to combine different dishes from different menus. You can choose different menus in the same company. Read more about the content on the page above. For our menus, we only take into account allergies, not food preferences

  • Is all food vegetarian?

    We strive for a sustainable food culture as possible. That is why we always have vegetarian and vegan options on our menus, but we also serve fish, poultry and to some extent red meat. For the sake of the environment and health, we would like to encourage you to try our herbal alternatives. See our menus for current dishes.

  • How do you deal with food allergies?

    Our breakfast buffet and on our menus are marked with the 14 ingredients / food groups that cause the most serious hypersensitivity reactions according to the National Food Administration's requirements. If you have other food allergies, we want you to contact us to see if we can handle it. We do not deviate from the menu due to special diets or lifestyle choices.

A Taste of Japan in Stockholm

We serve food inspired by modern Japanese cuisine. The menu combines clear flavours with Japanese techniques in an aesthetic expression. A journey for all the senses. Enjoy Japanese food in Stockholm.

The food at Yasuragi is based on Japanese cuisine, which is characterized by several principles. These include the care of the primeurs of the various seasons, the meticulous care in the aesthetic impression, the proximity to the sea and the heritage of Zen Buddhism.

The basic ingredients in Japanese cooking are rice, fish, dried algae (konbu; ingredient in clear broth – dashi) and soybeans (used for tofu and miso bean paste). Common seasonings are ginger, soy and wasabi. Please note that these are fresh ingredients and that they therefore can vary depending on the season. an important step towards a sustainable food and dining experience.

At Yasuragi, we believe that food is an integral part of wellbeing and sustainability. Our chefs source only the highest quality ingredients, using fresh, locally-sourced produce whenever possible. We also strive to incorporate sustainable practices into our operations, minimizing food waste and reducing our environmental impact. "We are what we eat" is a familiar expression. Words that have some real truth in them. The food we eat affects not only our health but also our climate. For planet survival, it is important that we make sustainable choices and eat more vegetables and less but good meat.

If you're a vegan or vegetarian, you'll love our Shaishoku menu, which features a range of delicious and healthy plant-based dishes. 

But Yasuragi's restaurants are more than just a place to dine or eat in between baths. They offer a chance to connect with the oriental philosophy of Japanese culture, which places great emphasis on mindfulness, balance, and harmony. Book now and discover the magic of Japanese food in Stockholm at Yasuragi's restaurants. Immerse yourself in the oriental philosophy of Japanese culture, indulge in delicious and healthy vegan shaishoku, and experience the ultimate in wellbeing and sustainability.


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