Overnight stay Ryokan Hanare

Our most exclusive suite

fr. 6850 SEK

Overnight stay Ryokan Hanare

Stay in one of our exclusive suites with a private relax area with outdoor jacuzzi, a sauna, hot spring, shower and ablution area. This suite has a large balcony with a stunning view overlooking the water. The Japanese styled dinner will be served in your room. A unique experience and perfect for a special occasion!

Exclusively for this package

  • Dinner served in your room
  • Room service and Nakai-san (service attendant)
  • Check in 2.30 pm - Check out 12 noon


  • Entrance to japanese bath
  • Tea and fruit buffet
  • Acitivites according to daily program
  • Yukata and slipper to borrow, swimwear to keep
  • Dinner - Japanese set menu Gozen: See menu here


  • Single rooms supplement, 2800 SEK


  • Age limit is 16 years. During the period 1-7 November and 25 December - 9 January (exkl New Years Eve), we have age limit 13 years. Book as adult.
  • If you would like to book more than 3 people, please make your booking and contact us to add more people.
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Book overnight stay Ryokan Hanare

Always included in packages

  • Access to Japanese bath
  • Tea and fruit buffet
  • Activities according to daily program
  • Yukata and slippers to borrow, swimwear to keep
  • Meals - depending on type of package

Frequently asked questions about this package

  • What should I bring?

    Pack light! On arrival you will receive a Yukata (Japanese cotton robe), slippers and swimwear to use during your stay. Swimwear can be brought home, while the Yukata and slippers are on loan. There are towels, shampoo, conditioner and soap. When you get thirsty, you are welcome to enjoy the tea and fruit buffet set up in the lounge. You wear the Yukata throughout your stay, including meals. We avoid the use of our own swimwear.

  • Can I use the Japanese bath before checking in?

    You have access to the Japanese bath at the same time as for the package you have booked. If you book accommodation with dinner, you have access to the bath 15.30 day 1 to 12.00 day 2. We offer arrive early and stay longer packages where you get more time in the bath (however, you check out of the room at the same times as above), lunch is also included. This is offered most days of the week. You can add this when making your booking. Arrive early: Arrival 11.30 - Departure 12.00 (hotel room 15.30-12.00) Stay longer: Arrival 15.30 - Departure 16.00 (hotel room 15.30-12.00)

  • What size does Ryokan Hanare have?

    This suite is about 100 sqm and has a long narrow terrace with jacuzzi.

Ryokan Hanare - an exclusive experience

Our finest and most Japanese suite. There is a private bathing area with its own sauna, hot spring, shower and Japanese washrooms. Enjoy the view on the terrace with outdoor jacuzzi. Meals are served in the room. A unique experience in privacy, perfect for that special occasion! Here you can stay up to 6 people.

Ryokan Hanare  - an exclusive experience

A Ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn. With us, the Ryokan is a suite. For you who are looking for an exclusive and unique experience, we recommend Ryokan Hanare.

This is our finest suite, decorated with beautiful materials such as cedar and slate. There are two bedrooms where the floor is covered with genuine tatami rugs that are soft and comfortable to walk on. Just like in Japan, you sleep on a futon mattress on the floor. The living room has a dining area for up to 6 people and a stone garden. One wall of the bathroom consists of large windows that let in a gentle daylight into the washing room. There are hot springs, both outside and inside, as well as a private sauna. Along the suite extends a terrace. For the best possible service in true Japanese spirit, include your own nakai-san, host / hostess. Here we offer a very special experience in privacy if desired, for up to 6 people. Only the view - the sea and the pines, reminiscent of the outside world.

In this package you can check in to the room already at 14.30. Upon arrival, Nakai-San (host / hostess) will take care of you. He points to the room and then takes care of you throughout the stay. In your room, Ryokan, you have a hot spring inside and out, a sauna and washing areas for privacy. You also have free access to the large Japanese bath with its facilities as well as access to activities according to the day program.

By you Naki-San, you will be served a dinner in the room according to the time you booked.

After a good night's sleep, breakfast is served in your room, you can also enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet in the dining room if you wish. You can use the Japanese bath until check-out. 

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