Groups - 10 people and more

Here you will find our different day and evening packages. Choose a day package for a full day including lunch och come in the afternoon and enjoy the evening with a dinner.

We also offer overnight packages, read more here

Here is some useful information about your visit.

Always included in our day and evening packages

  • Access to japanese bath
  • Fruit and tea buffet
  • Activities according to daily program
  • Lunch for day package and dinner for evening package. Fixed menus
  • Yukata and slippers to borrow, swimwear to keep

Featured packages

A full day with lunch included

Day package

Check in: 8 AM - 4 PM

A day that includes lunch and relaxation in the Japanese bath with hot springs, both inside and out under the pine trees. You can also enjoy different kinds of saunas, foot bath and relaxing areas .


990 SEK per person

Evening with dinner

Evening package

Check in: 1PM - 10 PM

An afternoon and evening in our Japanese bath including dinner in our a la carte restaurant.


1090 SEK per person

Other packages

Frequently asked questions about our day packages

  • What is the age limit?

    We have age limit 16 years old. Book as adult. During periods in the summer we have Yasuragi Kids, then we welcome all ages.

  • What is included in day - and evening package?

    Day and evening packages always include free access to the Japanese bath, activities according to the day program, loans of yukata and slippers and swimwear to keep. For day packages, lunch is also included and for evening packages, dinner is included. If you have booked a day package, you can visit us between 08.00-16.00 and for evening packages 13.00-22.00

  • I need to change date on my reservation

    Email us at with your booking number and suggestion for a new date and we will get back to you. You can also log in to my pages and send your requets.

  • Do I have to use your swimwear, or can I bring my own?

    When you are in our Japanese bath, use the swimwear we provide at check-in. This is because we want to create a harmonious environment without too many impressions. For the same reason that all our guests wear yukata (the Japanese cotton coat) during their stay. We ask you to respect this.

  • Can I buy your spa products?

    Yes, you can buy with our various Nordic Ecolabelled washing products and the skin care brand Hada. They and other products are available for purchase in our store and online at

  • Do I need to make a reservation?

    Yes, you need to book your stay in advance as all our packages are subject to availability. The easiest way is to book your stay here via our website. You get the best price online.

  • What should I bring?

    Pack light! On arrival you will receive a yukata (Japanese cotton robe), slippers and swimwear to use during your stay. Swimwear can be brought home, while the Yukata and slippers are on loan. There are towels, shampoo, conditioner and soap. When you get thirsty, you are welcome to enjoy the tea and fruit buffet set up in the lounge. You wear the Yukata throughout your stay, including meals. We avoid the use of our own swimwear.

  • Free parking?

    We have a parking lot located approximately 100 meters from the entrance that is free of charge for our guests. We have 6 charging stations for electric vehicles and 12 outlets. Register your car in the reception to obtain free parking.

Day spa at Yasuragi

Yasuragi is located on Hasseludden only 20 minutes from Stockholm. We offer various spa packages for a stay during the day, book a day package or evening package. All our packages include access to the spa (the Japanese bath), yukata, activities such as meditation and qi gong according to the daily program as well as lunch or dinner. It is possible to book treatments if you wish.

Yasuragi is a holistic experience

Our wish is for you to get down to business and go home with new energy. You can choose whether you want to come during the day or stay and sleep over. If you want to come to a day spa, we offer both day packages with lunch and evening packages where dinner is included. Of course, it is wonderful to visit us with someone in company, but we can also warmly recommend a visit where you come yourself. A perfect way to really have time to raw yourself, find your own pace and listen to your needs.

For optimal relaxation, you can book one of our treatments. We offer facials and massages of various kinds, such as classical massage, bamboo massage and various signum treatments. Or enjoy a body treatment such as body scrub, body wrap, head massage or foot treatment. Our skin care brand is called Hada.

You always start your visit by washing yourself and then swimming according to the old Japanese tradition, which is a great way to get down to business and let go of everyday life. Even today, the Japanese use this ancient meditative washing ritual to relax. A ritual performed in silence. See this as a sacred moment and an opportunity to let the silence guide you to recovery and new ways of seeing the world.


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