a Japanese spa

A Japanese spa experience

Experience how the ancient bathing tradition from Japan can gift you with new energy. In the Japanese culture, cleansing and bathing is extremely important. At Yasuragi you can relax in true Japanese spirit. Unwind both body and mind with the help of Japanese ablution, our outdoor hot springs surrounded by breathtaking nature, indoor large pools, hot and cold tubs, saunas of various kinds and so much more. Why not also add a spa treatment to your visit? And don't forget to participate in our calming and rejuvenating activities.

Following the Japanese bathing tradition, we offer a place where body and mind can unwind. In order for the nervous system to get a chance to come into balance, we believe it is necessary, from time to time, to turn off all digital devices and to just be present with what is here and now. We warmly recommend to disconnect while visiting the Japanese bath. 

The outdoor sauna and accompanying cold bath will be closed due to renovation from May 20th and throughout the summer. Due to the construction work, there may be noise on weekdays between 6 a.m and 4 p.m.


Welcome to enjoy some extra quiet moments in the Japanese bath areas. Here, you'll find time to breathe deeply and simply be with yourself for a while.

  1. The Cavern Bath
  2. The Rest Sauna
  3. The Silent Lounge with rocking chairs - a room designed with soundproof materials to truly create a quiet environment.

The outdoor hot springs have silent half-hours where the only sounds you hear are the water, the sounds of nature, and your own breaths.

Please note! The occupancy on weekends are normally quite high so if you're looking for a really calm experience, we recommend you wo visit us on a weekday.


We offer a variety of treatments, such as massages, body treatments, facials and our signature treatments.


A stay at Yasuragi includes plenty of activities for you to experience in between baths. Here you can read more about them. Be ready to enrich both body and mind.

The Japanese bath

Start your journey at Yasuragi in the Japanese ablution rooms where you sit on a wooden stool and wash yourself. Fully relax and begin to find harmony and inner peace. After the ablution ritual you can continue to relax in the hot springs surrounded by the pine trees, wind down in our saunas and discover indoor pools with varying temperatures, everything form hot to cold. Also, don't forget to experience our salt steam sauna, the carbonated bath, the foot bath and our fruit and tea lounge with the adjacent silent lounge with slow rocking chairs. Experience all of this during, and much more, during your stay at Yasuragi.

Our idea

Yasuragi is more than just a spa. Inspired by the traditional Japanese bathing culture we have created a place where you can exhale and calm down your nervous system. Mental and physical healing starts when we activate our parasympathetic nervous system. We feel a greater connection to our own needs and are able to show more empathy towards our fellow human beings. Read more about our idea below.

Yukata - the Japanese cotton robe

Staying true to the Japanese tradition when visiting a Onsen (Japanese for hot springs) you will receive a yukata (cotton robe) upon arrival. You are to wear it during your entire stay; in the Japanese bath, during activities, spa treatments and also during all meals. Your undergarments or dry bathing suit are to be worn under the yukata.

Wooden bucket with water


The Japanese bath is a place for recuperation; therefore, there are certain guidelines derived from Japanese bathing culture that exist to ensure all our guests feel comfortable and have an experience that soothes both body and mind. To allow the nervous system a chance to find balance, it is beneficial to from time to time disconnect from digital devices and be present in the here and now. Try it out!

Spa card - 6 or 10 visits at a favorable price

Do you want to enjoy the Japanese bath more often? Buy a spa card - 6 or 10 visits at a favorable price.

Questions about our Japanese bath

Yasuragi is more than a simple spa. It's a place for quietness, relax and reflection inspired by the Japanese bath culture. It is important that you respect other guests, speak softly and follow the onsen etiquette. Our hot terrace baths are a place whee you can bathe in silence and tranquillity. You will hear the sound of the water and the surrounding nature.

  • What is the age limit?

    We have age limit 16 years old. Age limit 13 years during the periods: 28 Februari - 6 March, 11-24 April and 27 June - 31 July. Book as adult. During periods in the summer we have Yasuragi Kids, then we welcome all ages.

  • Do you have to wear your swimwear?

    For hygienic reasons, we kindly ask you to use the swimwear we provide. That idea that everyone wears the same kind of yukata and swimwear is part of our concept in order to create simplicity and reduce redundant sensory impressions.

  • Can I take a photo in the Japanese bath?

    According to Japanese bathing tradition, the Japanese bath has a total photo and mobile ban. This applies to all digital tools, including reading plates. We want to offer a place where body and mind can recover properly. In order for the nervous system to get a chance to come into balance, it is necessary to turn off the digital sometimes and be present with what is here and now.

  • Can I come and only use the spa?

    If you want to only use the spa you can purchase our spa card with 10 punches to visit the spa.

Indulge in the Serenity of Yasuragi's Japanese Bath and Spa Facilities

Welcome to Yasuragi, the only Japanese bath hotel in the Nordics. Our spa resort is dedicated to providing guests with a peaceful and rejuvenating experience, and our Japanese bath is no exception.

At Yasuragi, we offer our guests the opportunity to wear a yukata during their stay, immersing themselves in the mystique of ancient Japan. This traditional garment is a type of cotton robe worn in Japan for centuries, and it has become an iconic symbol of Japanese culture. Slip into one of our soft and comfortable yukatas and feel the weight of the world slip away. Whether you're relaxing in one of our hot springs or exploring the tranquil gardens, the yukata is the perfect attire for a serene and peaceful experience.

At Yasuragi, we believe that immersing yourself in a different culture can be a transformative experience. By donning a yukata during your stay with us, you can tap into the ancient wisdom and tradition of Japan, and connect with the timeless principles of relaxation, mindfulness, and inner peace.

At Yasuragi, we offer both indoor and outdoor Japanese baths, allowing you to choose the environment that suits you best. During your stay with us you have access to our Japanese bath, you can experience hot springs, salt steam sauna, carbon baths, cold springs and much more.

Our spa hotel takes great care in creating an authentic Japanese experience, from the design of the baths to the selection of products and treatments. Our guests often report feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after a soak in our Japanese bath, and we are confident you will too.

In addition to our Japanese bath, Yasuragi offers a wide range of spa treatments and facilities to help you unwind and destress. From massages to saunas to yoga classes, there is something for everyone at our spa resort. And with our beautiful location by the sea, you can enjoy the beauty of nature as you indulge in a luxurious spa experience.

If you're looking for a spa hotel that offers an authentic Japanese bath experience, look no further than Yasuragi. Book your stay today and discover the peacefulness and tranquility of our Japanese bath and spa resort.


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