Japanese design with a view

Rooms at Yasuragi

Yasuragi offers 191 Japanese-inspired hotel rooms (422 beds) with simple aesthetics that are meant to evoke inner peace. All rooms come with a view of the Stockholm archipelago.

STANDARD – Room with a view

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All of our rooms have a view of the Stockholm archipelago. This room is a basic room decorated in Japanese style. There is a bathroom with a shower. If you choose a double room you have the option of a double bed or a room with two single beds. Some of the rooms have low beds like in Japan. These are the rooms that are included in most of our packages and offers but with an additional cost you can select another type of room. Our recommendation! Take a digital pause and choose one of our standard rooms without a TV. Here your brain can rest even more, also these rooms are closer to the Japanese bath. To further enhance your rest we recommend our Signature treatment "Digital Pause".

Information about rooms

  • Rooms with shower and toilet
  • Choose between high or low beds
  • Are available as connecting rooms

SUPERIOR – Rooms with japanese ablution

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These rooms have a magnificent view of the Stockholm archipelago. Each room is decorated differently but shares a common color scheme and choice of fabrics. The vintage fabrics from Japan and the details of the room give a heightened sense of nature. The sea, pine trees, and rocks are recurring themes that provide an extra fine touch to the room. These rooms are spacious with a futon for you to sleep on, just like in Japan. If you choose a double room you have the option of a double bed or a room with two single beds. The bathrooms have a bathtub and two ablution areas so that you can experience the Japanese ablution in the privacy of your room.

Information about rooms

  • Rooms with Japanese ablution and a small bathtub
  • Low beds and tatami floor
  • No shower in the room

JUNIOR SUITE – with amazing view

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All of our junior suites are individually decorated and have double beds. The rooms have a view overlooking the Stockholm archipelago. Some of the rooms have a balcony. Decorated with wood in harmony with the beautiful fabrics and decor inspired by Japan. The bathroom includes a Japanese bathtub with an ablution area. A perfect choice if you want to experience the Japanese ablution in privacy.

Information about rooms

  • Room with japanese ablution and large bathtub
  • Balcony facing the water
  • Low beds on the floor

MEZAME – with close resemblence to japan

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Mezame means awakening in Japanese. Bring your friends or family and live like they do in Japan. The floors have tatami mats and just like in Japan you take off your shoes when entering the room. This room is spacious with futon beds for you to sleep on. In the bathroom there are three ablution areas and a spacious built-in bathtub. The perfect room if you want to experience the Japanese ablution in privacy. Up to 5 people. The room has a balcony.

Information about rooms

  • Room with Japanese ablution and a large stone bathtub
  • Balcony facing the water
  • Low beds and tatami floor

RYOKAN – Guesthouse feeling with hot springs

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Ryokan is a traditional Japanese guesthouse. At Yasuragi, Ryokan is a suite. It is a large room with panorama windows and behind the Japanese Shoji paper blinds there is a balcony. The decor is sparse, the floor is covered in geniune tatami mats that are soft and very pleasant to walk on. At the low table, one can enjoy a meal while sitting on cushions on the floor. Also just like in Japan you sleep on a futon. The beautiful bathroom has large windows, a hot spring and several ablution areas with the traditional Japanese washing where you sit down and pour water over yourself from a bucket. The only thing reminding you of the outside world are the magnificent view of the sea, and the pine trees. You never have to leave your room if you don´t want to. When you want a cup of tea or to order some food your Naki-san (service attendant) will bring it to your room.

Information about rooms

  • Bathroom with Japanese ablution and hot spring
  • Balcony with view towards the water
  • Low beds and tatami floor

Ryokan Hanare - our most exclusive suite

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For those of your looking for an exclusive and unique experience we recommend Ryokan Hanare. This is our finest and most luxurious suite. It is decorated with beautiful materials such as cedar and slate. There are two bedrooms that are covered in geniune tatami mats, which are soft and pleasant to walk on. There is a futon on the floor, just like in Japan. The living room has a dining area that seats up to 6 people and a rock garden. One of the walls In the bathroom there is a window wall that lets in soft daylight in the ablution room. It has hot springs both indoors and outdoors, as well as, a sauna. There is a large patio running along side the room. For the best possible service in a room with such true Japanese spirit we include your own Nakai-san (service attendant) during the check-in day. This room offers a very special experience in complete privacy, if you wish. Sleeps up to 6 people. Only the sea and pine trees remind you of the outside world.

Information about rooms

  • Bathroom with sauna, Japanese ablution and hot spring both in- and outdoor
  • Balcony with view towards the water
  • 2 bedrooms with low beds and tatami floor

Customized rooms


We have larger rooms adapted for wheelchair users.


We have two rooms adapted for guests with allergies.


We also offer rooms for those who wish to bring their dogs. These are standard rooms and cost an additional 250 SEK per night when accompanied by a dog. However, please note that dogs are only allowed in these rooms and not in the rest of the facility.

NOTE! Always specify when booking if you require any of the above rooms.

If you have any questions about our specialized rooms, please feel free to contact our Guest Service at info@yasuragi.se or +46 747 61 00

Information about rooms

  • Rooms with bathroom adapted for wheelchair users
  • Dog-friendly rooms
  • Allergy rooms

Frequently asked questions about our rooms

  • Can I bring my pet to Yasuragi?

    You can take your dog with you. We have special dog rooms. We do not allow other pets. The dog may only stay in the room, not in other areas. There is a separate entrance and exit when you want to take your dog for a walk.

  • What is included if I book a room at Yasuragi?

    All our overnight packages include breakfast, dinner and activities and entrance to the Japanese bath. You get a yukata (Japanese cotton robe) and slippers to borrow and swimwear to keep.

  • How do we book a stay for more than 2 people?

    We recommend our slightly larger rooms such as Superior Rooms (max 3-4p), Mezame (max 5p) or Ryokan (max 6p). Some of our standard rooms are connecting rooms, which means that there is a door between the rooms that we can open up. Let us know the booking time and we will try to arrange it for you.

Experience the Beauty of Nature and Japanese Design in Our Rooms at Yasuragi Sweden

At Yasuragi, we believe that your surroundings play a crucial role in your overall wellness and relaxation. That's why our rooms are designed to immerse you in the tranquility and beauty of Japanese culture, while providing all the modern amenities you need for a comfortable and rejuvenating stay.

Our Japanese-inspired bedrooms have a seamless fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design elements. The result is a serene and minimalist space that is both stylish and functional.

Many of our rooms feature a Japanese-style ablution area, with a wooden stool, bucket, and ladle for a traditional cleansing ritual before soaking in our onsen baths. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the Stockholm archipelago from your room or balcony, surrounded by the calming presence of nature.

For those who prefer to stay in, our room service provides a variety of delicious and healthy Japanese-inspired snacks and drinks. Our rooms are designed to be a haven of peace and quiet, allowing you to fully unwind and recharge in a tranquil and meditative environment.

Whether you're a local or an international guest, our rooms are the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and connect with the natural world. Come stay with us at Yasuragi and experience the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation in a setting that seamlessly blends ancient tradition and modern comfort.

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