Sustainability at Yasuragi

What we do

We at Yasuragi want to run a business that contributes to a more sustainable world, where the well-being of animals and nature, economically functioning systems and human welfare go hand in hand. Our main focus is to deliver a guest experience, and for that we need to make money. But that doesn't mean it's the only thing we care about. On the contrary. With more revenue, we can invest in more and better products that serve our earth. We promise our guests that here they can unwind, find their energy back and go home with new energy. We know that people who have more energy and better connection with their inner selves are also more likely to do good things, for themselves and the world around them.


Sustainability at Yasuragi

The operations at Yasuragi want to contribute and encourage a more sustainable lifestyle on several different levels. It is together with you as a guest and our partners that we can really make a difference. Influencing people positively is a very important and powerful tool for us to create a sustainable world.

Ecological sustainability

We take responsibility for how we affect our environment and the climate. Ecological sustainability includes our energy consumption and what has to do with the operation of the facility, e.g. purchases, consumables, waste and transport. Yasuragi is a Nordic Ecolabelled facility.

Social sustainability

We take responsibility for ensuring that our guests and employees feel as well as possible. We are also keen that our suppliers comply with laws, agreements and ethical rules. Yasuragi also collaborates with Min Stora Dag and has donated to UNHCR in 2022. We work with two types of social sustainability. Internal - Yasuragi as a workplace and External - Yasuragi as a company.

Sustainable leadership

Sustainable leadership is about creating a working climate where employees feel they can make a difference. Not just for day-to-day operations, but also from a larger perspective. It is important to listen to employees' needs and visions and give them the opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable world both on a personal level, in the organization and in a larger societal perspective. A long-known truth is that when we feel good, we do good things, i.e. Feel good, Do good.

Financial sustainability

We want to be a competitive company that is run sustainably. Financial sustainability is primarily about having as resource-efficient an operation as possible and making well-balanced purchases and long-term investments.