Onsen Common sense


  • In the Japanese bath, only the swimwear you receive from us at check-in is used. This is to create and environment free from too many impressions.
  • Bath and washing towels are handed out at the spa reception
  • The ablution rooms are a completely quite zone.
  • Washing is done without swimwear, to make you really clean
  • Respect the tranquillity of the entire Japanese bath, both indoor and outdoors. Conversate with a low tone.
  • Both floors in the Japanese bath are digital-free zones, this applies to mobile phones, computers and tablets. The digital-free zone includes the entire Japanese bath with washrooms, bath, hot springs, treatments room, spa lounge and Dojo. Leave your phone in the locker or in your hotel room.
  • Intimate and sexual activities are not allowed.
  • It is not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages in the Japanese bath or associated lounges.
  • Respect the times for activities and to not enter to an activity that has already started.
  • Use the centrifuge in the washing rooms to dry your swimwear.
  • If you are with us as a Day guest, always check out before you leave.

If you as a guest foose not to follow these etiquettes, you may be asked to leave the Japanese bath. Thank you for respecting that you are part of other guests experience.