Where you can exhale

The Yasuragi effect

The Japanese word Yasuragi can be translated as the long deep exhale you make when you let go and relax. For example, when you, after washing yourself in the Japanese way, slowly sink into a hot spring. You exhale!

The principle of simplicity

We want it to be easy for you to be our guest at Yasuragi. When you check-in, you will receive a yukata, a Japanese cotton robe, and slippers. You wear this when staying in the Japanese bath and in the rest of the house if you wish. If you rather use your own clothes in the restaurants etc. you are more than welcome to do that. You also get swimwear from us. These are the ones you wear in the Japanese bath. The idea that everyone wears the same yukata and swimwear is to make it easy for you to visit us, and also that we want the environment around you to be quiet and free from too many impressions. You can keep the swimwear after your visit, the yukata, and the slippers you return.

Sitting silently doing nothing spring comes and the grass grows by itself

Matsuo Bassho

Old traditions and new research

Everything that Yasuragi offers in the form of a simple aesthetic, hot and cold baths, saunas, meditation, and other beneficial activities aims to calm the nervous system. Not to forget the proximity to nature. These things people for millennia have used to relax and where the Japanese have been masters at refining rituals around.

With the help of an external form of how we do certain things, we can begin to relax within and get more in touch with ourselves and our inner power.  Simplified, it can be said that the sympathetic nervous system is activated when the body needs more power, while the parasympathetic is most busy when we rest. 

When the brain perceives that we need to be alert, for example at work, when we exercise, or in social contexts, the sympathetic system is set in motion and releases stress hormones such as cortisol, norepinephrine, and adrenaline. 

When our brain perceives that it can give the body permission to go from the alert stage back to rest, the parasympathetic system is activated, which regulates energy-saving functions and generates reconstruction.  It is when the parasympathetic system is activated that the body can recover. And that's what happens when you allow yourself to relax with the help of everything we offer.