A place for beauty, tranquility and harmony

In the Japanese bath, stillness and tranquility prevail. Here, you move slowly, speak in a low tone, and take the time to let your senses rest. No mobile phones, just you and the soothing water. In the outdoor hot springs, you gaze over the pine trees and the Stockholm inlet, and at specific times, we have silent half-hours in these springs where the only sounds you hear are those of nature and water. You wear your yukata and the swimwear we provide you, as we aim to create an environment with fewer stimuli to calm the senses. All to help you unwind and replenish your energy.



In 2018, we opened our brand new Japanese bathhouse. The basic concept is still the same, but now an even more Japanese and relaxing environment awaits you with more places to relax.

In the Japanese ablution room, you sit on a small wooden stool and wash yourself. This is a moment in silence for you to unwind and get ready to really let go. After the ritual of washing yourself, hot springs under the pines awaits you as well as a number of other opportunities for relaxation, such as a steam salt sauna, carbonated bath, cold springs, rest sauna and more that should just be experienced rather than described. Before you visit us, we ask you to take part of the information about the different parts of our Japanese bath, scroll down and read more.

Remember to put your phone on silent mode. To truly enjoy the experience, it's a good idea to leave your mobile phone in the room or in your locker.
Bath opening hours:
Monday - Friday 8 a.m - 10.30 p.m
Saturday - Sunday 8 a.m - 10.30 p.m


The Japanese bath is a place for tranquility and reflection. When you check in, you will, together with your yukata receive instructions on how to wash yourself the Japanese way. The Japanese word Yasuragi can be described as the long relaxed exhale you make when sinking into a hot spring and let go for a moment, it´s an exhalation of the soul. To wash and bathe according to the old Japanese tradition is a great way to unwind body and mind and let go of everyday life. You always start your visit at Yasuragi by washing yourself. Even today, the Japanese use this ancient meditative tradition to relax.


The first thing you encounter after the ablution ritual is the large bath with small buildings within the space. The design is inspired by imperial Japanese courtyards. The water mirror in the middle represents the courtyard. Water temperature 35 degrees. See the clean lines, the sun's reflections and let the water embrace you.


Feel the fresh air and the surrounding nature as you sink into the warm outdoor springs. Water temperature about 39 degrees Celsius. As close to the Japanese onsen as you can get.


We recommend you to start your visit in the Japanese bath by putting your feet in the foot bath. A way to kindly and slowly warm the body from the bottom up. Water temperature 39 degrees Celsius.


Experience an invigorating effect in our carbonated bath with small bubbles that simulate your body. Water temperature 39 degrees Celsius.


Cool your body and mind in our cold spring. To alternate between hot and cold is considered to have a good effect on, among other things, blood circulation. Water temperature 12-14 degrees Celsius.


The temperature is 42-43 degrees Celsius and contains steam with salt. Outside the sauna, there is salt to take in your hand and bring into the sauna where you scrub your body with it. In the sauna you will find hand showers, please rinse off before leaving the sauna.


Dry sauna with panorama windows and beautiful view of the pine forest outside. The temperature is 80 degrees Celcius. Outside the sauna there are waterfall showers with cold water. Sauna is preferably combined with cool or cold experiences to get the blood vessels activated.


In our cavern bath you sink into 39 degree Celsius warm water and look up at the rock on which the whole of Yasuragi rests. The air is cool, the water warm. It gives a refreshing feeling. This bath a silent area - please respect that.


Rest, unwind or meditate on the warm, comfortable stone bench. A place to sleep. The air temperature is 40 degrees Celsius. This is a silent area - please respect that.


Do not miss the outdoor sauna with a view of the pines and Saltsjön and the associated cold bath. Here you get a refreshing experience between hot and cold. The exterior of the sauna is inspired by a building in Nara from 700s Japan.

Frequently asked questions about our Japanese bath

  • What is the opening hours of the Japanese bath

    The Japanese bath is open all days between 8 am and 10.30 pm

  • Do I have to use your swimwear, or can I bring my own?

    When you are in our Japanese bath, use the swimwear we provide at check-in. This is because we want to create a harmonious environment without too many impressions. For the same reason that all our guests wear yukata (the Japanese cotton robe) during their stay. We ask you to respect this.

  • Why is it not allowed to use a mobile phone or take photos in the Japanese bath?

    The Japanese bath at Yasuragi is there for you as our guest to be able to let go of everyday life, get down to business and get important recovery. This can not happen if we simultaneously look at our mobiles, toads or other digital tools. To create this calm relaxing environment, we also do not want you to take pictures with your phone or camera. We ask you to respect this, for the sake of other guests and above all for your sake.

  • How do you do the ablution ritual?

    Wash yourself in silence. You get 1 bath towel and 2 small washcloths for washing. Once inside the washing room, you will find pallets and switches in front of cranes. You wash yourself naked. Put one of the small towels on the stool, sit down. You fill the wodden bucket and pour water over you again and again and again. When you feel that you are starting to wind down, you slowly start to recover. Moisten the washcloth and put soap on it (everything is inside; soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion) and wash yourself. It is important that the whole body is clean before the bath. When you have finished washing, you show respect for the guests who come after you, by setting up the change on the stool again. Now it's the soul's turn and you can sink into the hot springs. In the washing rooms you will find hot springs and a dry sauna and here is the opportunity for those who want to be naked. Then you put on your swimwear and go out to the bathhouse. Here you can walk around and discover our new experiences such as carbonated baths and sleeping saunas and much more. More information about our new experiences and activities can be found on our digital screens. Remember to drink plenty of water, as we have a warm environment. According to Japanese tradition, no cell phones are allowed anywhere in the Japanese baths, lounges or dojos.

Experience Ancient Japanese Bath Culture at Yasuragi's Bath and Springs

Looking for a unique and authentic Japanese spa experience in Europe? Look no further than Yasuragi's Bath and Springs. Nestled in the beautiful Swedish countryside just outside Stockholm, this tranquil oasis offers an escape from the stresses of modern life and a chance to immerse yourself in the ancient Japanese tradition of bathing.

At Yasuragi, you'll find a range of natural hot springs and baths that have been designed to replicate the traditional Japanese onsen experience. But Yasuragi is more than just a place to soak in hot water. It's an opportunity to explore the ancient Japanese bath culture, which has been a central part of Japanese daily life for centuries. In Japan, bathing is not just about getting clean; it's a social and cultural activity that involves rituals and traditions that have been passed down through generations.

At Yasuragi, you can participate in these traditions by trying out different types of baths, such as the outdoor rotenburo, which offers stunning views of the surrounding nature, or the steamy salt sauna, where you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.

You can also experience the Japanese art of bathing with a friend or loved one in one of Yasuragi's private baths, where you can relax and connect in a serene and intimate setting.

In addition to the baths, Yasuragi offers a range of spa treatments and wellness activities such as sound healing, cold baths and breathwork classes. You can also indulge in delicious Japanese inspired cuisine at the three on-site restaurants, which feature seasonal ingredients and authentic flavors.

So why not take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and experience the ancient Japanese bath culture in Europe at Yasuragi's Bath and Springs? Whether you're looking to relax, recharge, or connect with a loved one, Yasuragi offers a truly unique and memorable experience that will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed. Book your visit now and discover the magic of Yasuragi's Bath and Springs.

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