Bath introduction

The Japanese word Yasuragi can be described as the beautiful exhalation you make when you sink into a hot spring and let go for a moment, an exhalation of the soul. Washing and swimming according to the old Japanese tradition is a great way to wind down and let go of everyday life. That's why you should start your visit to Yasuragi by washing yourself. Even today, the Japanese use this ancient meditative tradition to relax.

Our wish is that you will feel that you are going home with new strength and energy. Since ancient times, cleanliness has been an important part of Japanese everyday life. Purity comes originally from Shintoism and Buddhism. According to Buddhism, one would appear before the Buddha pure about the body. But it is not just about purifying the body but also the soul. Through washing, the body becomes clean. Then it is said that the soul is purified in the hot spring.

Yukata, the Japanese cotton robe, is your item of clothing throughout your stay, even at meals, so remember to keep it dry. When you switch to yukata, you leave part of your identity for a while and are only allowed to be. Remember to leave valuables in the cupboards or the room. Yukata and slippers you return on departure, swimwear you can keep.


Here's how it works:
You get 1 bath towel and 2 small washcloths for washing. Once inside the washing room, you will find pallets and water taps. You wash yourself naked. Put one of the small towels on the stool, and sit down. You fill the wooden bucket and pour water over yourself again and again and again.

When you feel that you are starting to wind down, you slowly start to recover. Moisten the washcloth and put soap on it (everything is there; soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion) and wash yourself. The whole body must be clean before the bath. Then rinse yourself by using the bucket again in the same way as at the beginning.

When you have finished washing, you show respect for the guests who come after you, by setting up the wooden bucket on the stool again. Now it's the soul's turn and you can sink into the hot springs. In the washing rooms you will find hot springs and a dry sauna and here is the opportunity for those who want to be naked.

Then you put on your swimwear and go out to the Japanese bathhouse. Here you can walk around and discover our new experiences such as carbonated baths, sleeping saunas, and much more.

More information about our new experiences and activities can be found on our digital screens.

Remember to drink plenty of water, as we have a warm environment. According to Japanese tradition, no cell phones are allowed anywhere in the Japanese baths, lounges, or dojos.