Day meeting
with Japanese baths

An effective work day

Price - According to offer


Book a full day at Yasuragi where you get time to relax in the japanese bath area and also time to work.



  • Two energy breraks including coffee and tea, as well as lunch, heart-tapped water, and coffee.
  • Lunch, water & coffee/tea
  • Entrance to the japanese bath
  • Meeting room


  • The Japanese cotton robe, yukata, will be available in your room upon arrival. It is used for visits to the Japanese bath, and if you wish, it can also serve as attire for the entire day, similar to a Japanese inn. In this case, it is worn over regular clothing. The yukata is provided for borrowing, as well as slippers.

  • You will be provided with swimwear to use in the Japanese bath. These can be taken home afterward.


  • Start the meeting day with energy, begin with our breakfast buffet.
  • End the day with a 3-course Japanese dinner.
  • Book any of our activities for the ultimate Yasuragi experience.
  • Give your employees much-needed recovery with a treatment.
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Frequently asked questions about a meeting at Yasuragi

  • Is the room included in the package price?

    We are currently offering a meeting package that we call "A meeting day with effect" where the room rent is included. This package is valid for 5-20 participants. If you have fewer than 5 participants or more than 20 participants, room rent will be added. Prices vary depending on your desire for the size of the room and the demand for your desired date.

  • How should I design my agenda for the best experience at Yasuragi?

    We recommend that our meeting groups start the day with a visit to our Japanese bath. This is to get down to speed and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, the part of our nervous system that is active when we are at rest. When we start from there, we become better at listening to ourselves and others, we cooperate better and are more likely to think new thoughts. In this way, you give yourself the best opportunity for a good implementation of your meeting / conference. We are happy to help you with suggestions on how you can design your agenda with the opportunity for our break activities during the day in addition to the visit to the Japanese bath.

  • What do your parking options look like?

    We have free parking only 100 meters from the hotel entrance. We also offer the opportunity to charge your electric car. We have 6 charging stations for 12 electric cars.