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Yasuragi - Modern Japanese Spa in Stockholm

For almost 30 years, Yasuragi has been a place where people come to relax and recharge their batteries. Serenity, beauty, and harmony have been key values since the beginning. The Japanese bath has been the foundation of Yasuragi since it opened in 1997. It started with Japanese washing and a small outdoor hot spring. Over the years, the concept and the physical environment have constantly evolved.

In 2017, Yasuragi made its biggest investment ever and rebuilt the entire Japanese bath turning it into a modern Japanese bathhouse. The purpose of the renovation was to come even closer to the core of the Japanese bathhouse culture. In harmony with the Nordic forest and archipelago environment surrounding Yasuragi, we now have a place where people can continue to find a place to breathe out and let go.

Architects from DAP were given the task of designing this new environment after a study trip to Japan. They were tasked with creating a place to long for. Yasuragi strives to preserve its Japanese heritage and to give future generations a place where it is natural to come closer to the innermost core of their own being. Every small detail in material, spatiality, and reception should enable what is Yasuragi - what can be described as the comfortable exhalation you make when you sink into a hot spring. The exhalation of the soul.

The concept remains the same but it can now be experienced in a completely new environment with even more opportunities for relaxation. Just like before, the bath visit starts with an introduction to Japanese ablution, which everyone is encouraged to start with. After thorough washing, there are hot springs directly in the next to the ablution areas. There is also a dry sauna and a special shower to soften muscles. We offer completely quiet ablution rooms and areas where you can converse in a low tone.

When you step out of the changing area with it's ablution rooms, saunas, and hot baths, you are met by an environment inspired by Japanese courtyards. Here you will find warm baths with water temperatures of 34-36 degrees. There are plenty of various baths and saunas. Take a cold bath, a carbonated bath, or go in a steam sauna with salt. Adjacent to all of this you will alos find a larger sauna with a temperature of 65-80 degrees and a view of the pine forest. If you walk a little further in, there is a Japanese-style foot bath with water at about 38 degrees Celsius. There is also a sleeping sauna with delightful aromas that holds about 43 degrees and has warm stone slabs where you can rest in privacy. Additional relaxation can be found in the mountain room where you lie in shallow wells and look up at the pleasantly illuminated rock wall. Finally, you can walk to the hot terrace springs with breathtaking views of the Swedish nature and the pine tree forest. In between baths you can enjoy tea and fruit in our tea lounge, have delicious Japanese inspired meals in one of our three restaurants and go to classes which are included in your stay. There's plenty more to discover. So much more that this cannot be described with words.

The new environment has focused on the Japanese and is in harmony with the rugged Nordic forest and sea environment in Stockholm's archipelago. Concrete and wood are the basic elements together with vegetation, which among other things consists of a tree in connection with one of the building bodies. The environment should feel intimate and warm while there are surfaces for everyone to find their secluded place. Beautiful light inlets from glass walls and ceilings enable nature outside to make itself known.

The purpose of the renovation has primarily been to provide guests with more space for peace and a strengthened Japanese experience. It has also been important to create as smooth a flow as possible for the guests, all to create simplicity in their visit. In this regard, a new hub has been built where guests are welcomed and given all the information they need. Adjacent to this welcoming area are the new treatment rooms with accompanying spaces for relaxation after treatment. The crucial bath introduction has been given a dedicated space where guests can begin their journey into Japanese bath culture in peace and quiet. Here, there is a quiet, soundproof lounge and, adjacent to it, a relaxation lounge where fine Japanese teas are served.

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