Breath The Retreat with James Nestor
author of "Breath -the new science of a lost art

Breath The Retreat with James Nestor
author of "Breath -the new science of a lost art"

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Breath The Retreat with James Nestor January 19-21

This once in a lifetime retreat will give you new insights, knowledge and practice in the importance of correct breathing and how it will help you to a better life. Best selling author James Nestor, along with other speakers and well trained breathwork facilitators  - Nic Jordan, Tom Sietas, Melanie Mohlker and Tobias Malm - will share their knowledge and guide you to consciousness about your own breathing.

This event will be all about exploring, understanding and testing the power of your breath, as well as give you time to find deep relaxation in our Japanese bath and enjoy Japanese inspired meals. 

Note! The retreat will be held in English


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What is included in this retreat

  • 2 nights with breakfast
  • 2 lunches and 2 dinners
  • Entrance to the Japanese Bath
  • Check in between 15.30-17.00 on the 19th - Check out on the 21st at 12.00
  • Speakers and breath workshops



  • Entrance to the Japanese bath
  • Fruit- and tea buffet by the bath
  • Yukata and swimwear to keep as a memory, slippers to borrow


  • Age limit 16 years
  • We reserve the rights to cancel if the retreat do not meet the numbers acquired.
  • More about James Nestor
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Boka James Nestor - Breath the retreat

Ingår alltid i våra paket

  • Tillgång till japanska badet
  • Frukt och tebuffé
  • Aktiviteter enligt dagsprogram
  • Yukata och tofflor att låna, badkläder att behålla
  • Måltid - beroende på paket

  • If I have a food allergy, how do I note this?

    When making your reservation online please state in notes what you are allergic to.


Join James Nestor and Nic Jordan along with other speakers and Breathwork facilitators for a once in a lifetime event at Yasuragi, the Japanese Spa Hotel just 20 minutes from Stockholm city, Sweden This retreat will be all about exploring, understanding and testing the power of your breath, as well as getting time for deep relaxation in the Japanese Spa and enjoy Japanese inspired meals. We made sure to create a program that has it all covered. We will teach you a variety of newly learned breathing techniques, mind-blowing facts about the science of your breath and on top of that we will let you experience the true power of your breath in unique Breathwork sessions accompanied with sound journeys.


James Nestor
is an award winning and bestselling author and journalist who has written for Scientific American, Outside Magazine, BBC, The New York Times, The Atlantic, National Public Radio, The San Francisco Chronicle, Surfer's Journal, and more. His book Breath -The New Science of a Lost Art stayed for 18 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and sold more than one million copies in the first year of publication. Breath was also an instant Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Sunday London Times Top 10 bestseller and hit the lists in Spain, Germany, Croatia, and Italy along the way.

Nic Jordan is one of Sweden's leading Breathwork facilitators who has been working with major companies and guided thousands of people through Breathwork sessions over the past 6 years. Her expertise is to see every group as individuals, tuning in with their needs and creating a safe space with care and scientific explanations. Teaching Yoga for 15 years made her understand the importance of the connection between breath and movement, but it took her some time and training with Wim Hof to understand that the breath alone can also move you. Nic’s passion is to help individuals suffering from trauma, ptsd or anxiety with mindfulness, coaching and a range of breathing exercises.

Tom Sietas is a multi World record holder of static apnea on pure oxygen – 22:22min. He has a lung capacity 20 percent larger than average for a person his size and will share his experience and trix how to expand your lung capacity. 

Tobias Malm is a certified performance Breath coach and breathwork facilitator who will teach you how important the right breathing is for athletic performance and will also guide you through a performance breathwork session so you can try it out yourself. Tobias is also a specialist in music production aimed for breathwork experiences.

Melanie Mohlkert is a speaker on the subject of ADHD.  She will tell us about her journey with Adhd and how breathwork has impacted it.


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