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From December 23-2021, the Swedish Public Health Agency has issued new regulations for public gatherings and public events where seated guests are only allowed if there are more than 20 people, regardless of vaccination certificate. Examples of such events are concerts, public dance performances at nightclubs, sporting events, cinema and theatre performances as well as concerts and shows that are arranged for the public or to which the public has access. The regulation thus does not refer to, for example, hotel operations, conferences and other types of events that are not aimed at the general public. Swimming pools, for example, are not covered and a general meeting is generally for the public to have access.

To show respect for each other, we humbly ask you to continue to keep a suitable distance from other parties, wash/spray your hands and do not visit us if you have flu-like symptoms. We reserve the right to reject people who show flu-like symptoms. 

This applies until further notice has been given by the government and the Swedish Public Health Agency, Folkhälsomyndigheten. Keep yourself updated here on yasuragi.se

Viruses and our bathing environment

According to our supplier, we already maintain better water values than the recommendations of the Swedish health authority, Folhälsomyndigheten. At Yasuragi we have so-called ultrafiltration, which means that there is a built-in virus barrier in our mechanical water purification. This means that viruses cannot penetrate the filter and thus, viruses cannot be spread in the water.

Face masks

All our staff use will use face masks from January 12 and until further notice.


From December 23-2021, it also applies that only seated guests are allowed at restaurants and distances between different parties are required. All guests should wash and spray their hands before the meal. One party at a time provides breakfast. We apply slot times at breakfast to avoid congestion. We provide mouth guards and gloves at the breakfast buffet. We ask for understanding and respect for this, as the safety of our guests and staff is our highest priority. From January 12-2022, our restaurants, bars and restaurants must close at 23.00.

Thanks for your consideration!

Yasuragi is a place created for you to get recovery, both physically and mentally. A stay with us is about strengthening the body and giving it new energy to gain the power to make good choices for oneself and good actions for others. Remember that each of us is always a part of another person's experience, so keep your distance, show respect for yourself and others.