Teppanyaki - opens december 25th

fr. 2250 SEK


Get a unique dining experience in our restaurant Teppanyaki Kiri. You sit together with other guests at a frying table with your own chef who cooks the food in the middle of the table as you watch. Relax in the Japanese bath with hot springs and participate in our invigorating activities.

Exclusively for this package

  • Teppanyaki set dinner - dinner around frying table
  • Check in 2.30 PM - Check out 12 noon
  • Opens December 25th


  • Entrance to the Japanese bath
  • Tea and fruit buffet
  • Activities according to the daily program
  • Yukata and slipper to borrow, swimwear to keep
  • For Teppayanki - set dinner. See menu here


  • We use the same cooking table for all food in our Teppanyaki restaurant. We can supply alternative food, but the food is still made on the same frying table. If you are allergic and this affects your allergy, we recommend our a la carte restaurant instead.
  • The age limit is 16 years.
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Always included in packages

  • Access to Japanese bath
  • Tea and fruit buffet
  • Activities according to daily program
  • Yukata and slippers to borrow, swimwear to keep
  • Meals - depending on type of package

Frequently asked questions about this package

  • When will Teppanyaki open?

    Restaurant Teppanyaki Kiri will open again on December 25th.

  • What is the difference between an overnight stay with dinner and an overnight stay in Teppanyaki?

    What distinguishes the different packages is the time for check-in and the actual dining experience. Overnight package with dinner in Teppanyaki Kiri has check-in at 14.30, overnight dinner with check-in at 15.30.

  • Can I eat in Teppanyaki if I am vegan?

    All food is fried on the same frying table. We have vegan options, but they will be fried on the same table as the animal ingredients. If you do not allow this, we recommend that you book our a la carte restaurant instead.

Spa package with dinner in restaurant Teppanyaki

Spa package with overnight stay and access to spa and 6-course dinner in Teppanyaki restaurant.

Teppanyaki Restaurant

In Japanese cooking, the visual experience is as important as the taste. In our restaurant Teppanyaki Kiri, each table has its own chef who prepares the food in front of the guest on a hob. The Japanese and local Swedish ingredients provide a unique dining experience. Here we serve a ready-made menu for the day with 6 different dishes, inspired by the Japanese cuisines and our immediate surroundings. Here you sit with others, up to 8 people, at each frying table.


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