Opening hours: Monday - Sunday

Restaurant facts

  • Plantbased options available
  • View over the sea
  • Dinner - choose between 3 different set menues

Restaurant Hasu & Minamo

These two dining rooms are located close to our roof terrace overlooking the sea. Here we serve food that is inspired by modern Japanese cuisine. The menu combines clear flavors with Japanese techniques in an aesthetic expression.

Breakfast is served in the restaurant on the 3rd floor, from 7 am to 10 am, warm food from 7.30 am.

From December 1st we server a la carte dinner.


As our dinner guest, we offer 3 different set menus. You make your choice when booking online. If you would like different menus, please contact us after making your reservation and we will help you change.

We take allergies into consideration, not food preferences.

Menu dinner - Groups of more than 10 (choose one set menue for the whole group)

Book package with dinner

Always included in packages

  • Access to Japanese bath
  • Tea and fruit buffet
  • Activities according to daily program
  • Yukata and slippers to borrow, swimwear to keep
  • Meals - depending on type of package

Frequently asked questions about our restaurant

  • What does set menue means?

    We have 3 different menus to choose from. It is not possible to combine different dishes from different menus. We take allergies into account, we do not deviate from the menu due to special diets or lifestyle choices. You can choose different menus in the same company. Read more about the content on the page above.

  • Which menu should I choose if I eat a vegetarian diet?

    Then you choose our Vegan menu.

  • What time is breakfast served?

    Buffet breakfast is served daily between 07:30 and 10:00

  • Which menu should I choose if I am pregnant?

    You choose one of our 3 sets of menus, we customize the menu selected if it contains something you should not eat.

  • Can I wear my own clothes in the restaurant?

    No, you wear the Japanese cotton coat yukata throughout your stay. You will receive the Yukatan on arrival and can borrow it during your stay.

  • How do you deal with food allergies?

    Our breakfast buffet and our menus are marked with the 14 ingredients / food groups that cause the most serious hypersensitivity reactions according to the National Food Administration's requirements. If you have other food allergies, we want you to contact us to see if we can handle it. We do not deviate from the menu due to special diets or lifestyle choices.

Japanese Food at Yasuragi

Our restaurants Hasu and Minamo are located adjacent to the large roof terrace overlooking Stockholm's inlet. Here we serve food that is inspired by modern Japanese cuisine.

If you have booked one of our day packages, you will be served lunch from our menu. You choose which main course you want and can also buy for starters and dessert.

For evening packages and overnight packages, a dinner is included. You choose between 3 fixed menus. Our restaurant consists of two dining rooms - Hasu and Minamo. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served there. Adjacent to the dining rooms is our cocktail bar which has a large selection of sake as well as good drinks.

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