Activities that are beneficial to both body and brain. The exercises can be customized to your specific needs depending on the time and number of participants.

Sauna Yoga

Sauna Yoga is a simple yoga exercise that is performed sitting in the sauna with an approximate temperature of 50 – 55 degrees. The positions strengthen the torso and lower part of the body and provide more flexibility in the spine, hips and seat. The exercises and the gentle warmth of the sauna help the body’s metabolism and reduce stress.

Number: up to 16 people
Time: 30 minutes
Price: 3900 SEK excl VAT

Zenergy Vitalize

Boost the teams energy with Japanese Zenergy exercises. Give your group inspiration and new knowledge that improves your organisation in the long run. Zenergy exercises are derived from the Japanese wisdom and adapted to the Western lifestyle. The exercises increase your focus and seem to revitalise by contributing to an improved mental and physical capacity. Practical exercises that boost your presence and communication.

Group: Max 40 people.
Time: 60 min.
Price: 6000 SEK excl. VAT

Outdoor training

Tabata is a Japanese training method named after Izumi Tabata. Exercise with and for the entire body – fitness, strength, mobility and balance. Exercises that involve big as small muscle groups while challenging your posture and balance. A variant effective interval training – 20 active and intense seconds are alternated with 10 s rest. A tabata interval consists of 8 intervals

Exercise of the abdomen and back, mainly the inner and deep stabilizing muscles. The center of the body is at the center and is the hub of everything we do – in everyday life and in training. A stable and strong core holds our movements together.

Running is a fantastic and simple form of training. Here we focus on running technique and intervals with the aim of becoming both stronger and faster as runners. There are great opportunities to adapt the running pass for the participants and level.

Effective cardio training. The rods also work excellently for strength training and mobility training. We provide rods.

Number of participants: up to 20 people, more on request
Time: 30, 45 or 60 minutes
Price: 5400 kr excl VAT / activity

Relaxing activities

YASURAGI YOGA (30 min, 45 min. or 60 minutes)
Yasuragi yoga includes meditation and exercises based on mindfulness and slow-flow yoga that goes through the body’s major energy areas: legs, hips, core and back.

QI GONG (30 minutes)
A method originating from traditional Chinese medicine. Studies show that qi gong has a dampening effect on stress. The movements increase body awareness, provide deeper breathing and better posture. Qi gong opens up and balances the energy paths in the body and contributes to a more vital body and an open mind.

DO IN (30 minutes)
Do In is a form of self-massage where you awaken your muscles and blood vessels to a new day. The movements and presses expand the blood vessels, activate the energy pathways and stimulate the muscles. Despite that Do In is easy to do, it is an excellent way to stay in shape. On top of that, it´s very enjoyable.

ZENMEDITATION (30 minutes)
Meditation is hard training for the brain. Research shows that people who meditate regularly are not equally guided by their emotions and have a better ability to look objectively at events and events. Zen meditation is one of the oldest and most proven techniques for practicing presence and sense of mind. You also get some tips on how you can continue to meditate at home.

A guided meditation accompanied by Tibetan sound bowls. You are lying on each mattress on the floor with a blanket over the body and you be swept away only by the notes. The sound journey ties in with old knowledge of the healing effect of the sound.

A moving meditation to specially composed music. The movements are made in the four directions, but you are always in the same place. The rhythmic music helps the body and mind find rest in the movement – something that many stressed people can find value to practicing.

Number: price for groups up to 20 people
Price 30 minutes: 3900 SEK excl VAT
Price 45 minutes: 4900 SEK excl VAT
Price 60 minutes: 5500 SEK excl VAT