Team Building

Activities that will make you as a group to be challenged and welded together. The team building can be customized to your specific needs depending on the time and number of participants.

Activities on the water

A fast-paced navigation and communication competition for both land crabs and seafarers. You are divided into teams and get your own RIB boat with skipper. During time pressure, the team must navigate to vulnerable positions and solve tasks. The boats master all kind of lake and maneuver the properties and the power of the engines invites for a euphoric feeling. All passengers are equipped with floating overalls, life jackets, wind glasses and a hat. Coffee break is included in both options. Alternative 2 also includes laser shooting.

Time: about 1.5 hours
Price: SEK 295 per person excl. VAT + SEK 10,000 excl VAT in basic fee / boat.
Each boat takes 12 people.

Kayaking is so much more than just to paddle. Sliding almost almost silently over the water surface is an experience beyond the ordinary. The calm paddles create a strong, conscious presence that gives power, and the proximity to the water enhances the nature experience.

Time: about 3 hours
Price: SEK 595 per person excl. VAT + SEK 5 500 kr excl VAT basic fee.

Creative Activities

An activity based on a number of party games of different character. However, the games are in a completely different format than we are used to, they are huge. Common to all the games we use is that they reward peace and concentration, while they invite commitment and quick decisions. It is important to keep calm when it is going fast.

Number: up to 32 people. Recommended layer size 3-4 people.
Time: about 60-75 minutes
Location: Indoor
Price: 280 SEK per person excl. VAT (minimum price 6440 SEK)

This activity is a fast-paced point hunt where the participants group up to 100 different assignments to solve through tablets. In pursuit of points, it is important to think strategically and creatively. We promise laughter, excitement and a high tempo. The winner makes the group that best combines strategy and creativity.

Number: from 10 people. Recommended layer size 5-6 people
Time: about 1.5 hours
Location: Indoors in your room
Price: SEK 475 per person excl. VAT (minimum price SEK 8075)

A fast and entertaining activitiy with a lot of team building. Perfect if you want to have a different type break and a leg stretcher during the meeting. The participants are divided into teams and challenged to find a large number of codes that are hidden outside. Each time someone finds a code they enter it in the mobile and receive challenging thought provoking fact question to answer. Find as many codes as possible in 45 minuters and work together to beat the other teams!

Number: Min. 10 people (5-6 people per team).
Time: 60 min.
Location: Outdoors.
Price: 280 SEK per person excl VAT (lowest price 6440 SEK excl. VAT)

A team competition that involves finding as many controls as possible in a limited time. Each team appoints a team captain who, with the help of maps, photographs and a com radio, will guide his team to different places. What seems easy becomes difficult unless the team finds a good strategy for its communication. It rarely wins the team that has the best physical ability. In addition to the options below, it is also possible to add a building activity and/or a helicopter lift for the winners. Contact us for more information.

Number: from 8 persons
Time: about 60 minutes
Location: outdoors
Price: 295 SEK per person excl. VAT + 3000 SEK in basic fee