a Japanese Spa

Start with a bath

For an efficient work day, it is important to take breaks during the day. When starting your day you´ll get an introduction to Yasuragi and the Japanese bath and a bath manual to follow. This helps you get the most out of your stay in the bath, unwind and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, the part of our nervous system that is active when we are at rest. When in contant with that part, we become better listeners to ourselves and others, we easier cooperate and are more likely to think new thoughts. And is recover both physically and mentally. Below you can read more about our Japanese bath and the other activities we offer to have you go back home with new energy.

Relaxation and productivity, two sides of the same coin.

To get the best effect out of your working day, we recommend to start in the Japanese bath. With our bath manual designed for you to unwind and get in touch with your inner energy and creativity. The Japanese bath, the simple, yet stylish environment and the surrounding nature will help you relax think new thoughts.

Our bath and springs

In the Japanese ablution room, you sit on a small stool and wash yourself. A quiet moment for you to wind down and get ready to really let go. After the washing ritual, hot springs await under the pines and a number of other opportunities for relaxation - steam sauna with salt, carbonated bath, foot bath and more that should just be experienced rather than described.


Here you will find more information about the different activities we offer groups and conferences.


We offer a variety of different treatments, facials, massages and why not try any of our signature treatments.


In our Japanese garden you can take a walk and practice mindfulness along the path.

Around the facility there are areas well suited for outdoor activities, we also have an outdoor gym close to the Japanese garden. There are nice running tracks for those who want to explore the area.

The Yukata

Staying true to the Japanese tradition when visiting a Onsen, Japanese for hot springs, you will receive a yukata, cotton robe, when you arrive. This will be waiting for you in your meeting room and will then be used as your attire during meals and visit in our Japanese bath.

The yukata is especially designed for Yasuragi and is adorned with the ancient Japanese pattern Asanoha, which is a geometric pattern representing hemp leaves. In Japanese culture, hemp represents growth and good health and that is exactly what we wish for you as our guest.

Onsen Common Sence

The Japanese bath is a place for calm and recovery, therefore there are certain rules of conduct. Many of them comes from ancient Japanese bath culture. 

Our idea

Yasuragi offers you and your employees a meeting concept that provides a positive effect in both short and long term. We take on a holistic approach and create meetings taking the whole human being into account.