Children and baths

The Japanese bath is a place for tranquility and peace. Here you move slowly, speak in a low tone and give yourself time to let your senses rest. No cell phones, just you and the soothing water. You wear your yukata and the swimwear we give you. All for you to be able to unwind and gain new energy.



Staying true to the Japanese tradition when visiting a Onsen, Japanese for hot springs, you will receive a yukata, cotton robe, when you arrive. You are to wear it during your entire stay with us; in the Japanese bath, during activities and spa treatments, also during all meals. Your undergarments or dry bathing suit are to be worn under the yukata.

Everyone gets a Yukata, Japanese robe (yours to keep). Chilren under 13 years old bring their own swimwear and slipper. Adults and children from 13 years gets swimwear to keep and slippers to borrow. All guests from 13 years old wear or swimwear.

Japanese bath

The Japanese bath is a place for tranquility and reflection. When you check in, you will, together with your yukata receive instructions on how to wash yourself the Japanese way.

The Japanese word Yasuragi can be described as the long relaxed exhale you make when sinking into a hot spring and let go for a moment, it´s an exhalation of the soul. To wash and bathe according to the old Japanese tradition is a great way unwind body and mind and let go of everyday life. You always start your visit at Yasuragi by washing yourself. Even today, the Japanese use this ancient meditative tradition to relax.

Good to know

- Toddlers should wear a tight bath diaper.
- Bath- and washing towels are available at the reception by the Japanese bath
- The washing rooms are completely quiet zones.
- Respect the tranquillity of the entire Japanese bath, both indoor and outdoors. Conversate with a low tone.
- Both floors in the Japanese bath are digital-free zones, this applies to mobile phones, computers and tablets. The digital-free zone includes the entire Japanese bath with washrooms, bath, hot springs, treatments room, spa lounge and Dojo. Leave your phone in the locker or in your hotel room.
- Please respect the time for activities and do not enter an activity that has already started.
- Use the centrifuge in the washing rooms to dry your swimwear.
- If you visit us as a day guest, please also check out at the reception when your stay is over.

Frequently asked questions about our Japanese bath

Yasuragi is more than just a spa. It is a place of relaxation rooted in the Japanese bathhouse culture. The Japanese bath at Yasuragi is a place of tranquility and reflection. It is important that you respect other guests and speak quietly and follow our onsen etiquette.

  • What are the opening hours of the Japanese bath?

    The Japanese bath is open between 8:00 am and 10:30 pm every day.

  • Can we bring our own swimwear?

    When you are in our Japanese bath, adults and children over the age of 13 years use the swimwear we provide at check-in. This is because we want to create a harmonious environment without too many impressions. For the same reason that all our guests wear Yukata (the Japanese cotton coat) during their stay. We ask you to respect this. children under 13 years old bring their own swimwear and slippers.

  • Why is it not allowed to use a mobile phone or take photos in the Japanese bath?

    The Japanese bath at Yasuragi is there for you as our guest to be able to let go of everyday life, unwind and get an important recovery. This can not happen if we simultaneously look at our mobiles, tablets or other digital tools. To create this calm relaxing environment, we also do not want you to take pictures with your phone or camera. We ask you to respect this, for the sake of other guests and especially for your own sake.

  • How does the bathing ritual work?

    Wash yourself in silence. Here's how: You get 1 bath towel and 2 small washcloths for washing. Once inside the washing room, you will find wooden stools and wooden buckets in front of the water taps. You wash yourself naked. Put one of the small towels on the wooden stool, sit down. You fill the wooden bucket and pour water over you again and again and again. When you feel that you are starting to get unwind, you slowly start to wash your self. Moisten the washcloth and put soap on it (everything is in it; soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion) and wash yourself. It is important that the whole body is clean before the bath. Then rinse yourself by using the wooden bucket in the same way as at the beginning. When you have finished washing, you show respect for the guests who come after you, by setting up the wooden bucket on the wooden stool again. Now it's the soul's turn and you can sink into the hot springs. In the washing rooms you will find hot springs and a dry sauna and here is the opportunity for those who want to be naked. Then you put on your swimwear and go out to the bathhouse. Here you can walk around and discover our experiences such as carbonated baths and sleeping saunas and much more. More information about our experiences and activities can be found on our digital screens. Remember to drink plenty of water, as we have a warm environment. According to Japanese tradition, no mobile phones are allowed anywhere in the Japanese baths, lounges or dojos.