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We offer a variety of activities such as Do In, Qi gong and zen meditation. Relax and get new energy. Most activities are included in your stay and no advance booking is necessary, but are subject to availability. Maximum 25 persons at each class if nothing else is noted. The below program is offered from September 1 to November 30.

Tabata training

Time: 08.30-09.15

Exercises the whole body in interval training. Bring your workout clothes. Let your body work hard to become more stress-resistant. In this class, you get to try Tabata training. Tabata is high-intensity interval training divided into blocks. Each block consists of an exercise, where you alternate 20 seconds of intense training with 10 seconds of rest a total of 8 times. We do 6 different exercises (blocks) with a focus on fitness and strength. The exercises are easy to perform and you adjust the intensity to your ability. You can wear workout clothes or your yukata. The activity is for private guests.

Japanese morning excercise

Time: 09.30-09.45

Do as the Japanese, start the day with Radio Taiso, invigorating morning movements! At 06:30 every morning, this radio gymnastics is broadcast on the radio in Japan. With the help of a Japanese radio DJ and your activity leader, you will be introduced to a series of fun and fast movements that speed up the body! A class filled with laughter and energy that will stick with you throughout the day! No pre-registration is required. The activity is for private guests.

Journey of sounds

Time: 10.00-10.45 & 13.45-14.30 & 18.30-19.15

Make time for deep relaxation. To the tunes of the Tibetan singing bowls, you will get help to relax with a guided meditation and the beneficial sounds/vibrations from the different sound bowls. During the whole session, you lie on a yoga mat on the floor, preferably with a blanket over you. No advance booking is necessary. You wear your yukata and dry underwear. The activity is for private guests.

Zenmeditation; zazen & kinhin

Time: 11.00-11.45

Here you get to try two different techniques that are based on the Zen Buddhist tradition. It is exercising presence and observing what is, within and outside yourself. The session begins with a short introduction, after which you will learn how to sit in the zazen, the sitting meditation and what form the walking meditation, kinhin has. After sitting in the quiet, silent meditation for a while, the group gets up and performs a silent walking meditation that then ends with a moment of sitting again. The session ends with a short reflection. The focus is on breathing and posture. The methods are simple in their form and you can advantageously continue to practice at home. No pre-registration is required. The activity is for private guests.

After check-out Shinrin-yoku

Time: 12.00-12.45

OUTDOORS - in your usual clothes. MEET UP IN THE HOTEL RECEPTION AT THE LARGE ENTRANCE Slow down the pace one step further before you travel home. Enjoy an outdoor walk in the "Hiking and Tranquility Garden". You will be guided in various simple exercises where we take nature and all our senses to help to become more present and calm the nervous system. Just staying in nature will make you feel calmer. The walk is performed in silence and ends with a moment of quiet meditation on the Roundabout. You participate changed into your usual clothes. Also performed in case of rain, so bring rainwear if you want to participate.

Yin yoga

Time: 15.00-15.45

Yin yoga is a restorative and therapeutic yoga style that is about calming the body and mind. A counterweight to yang-based, more physical yoga. Yin yoga are positions with a light, soft stretch, performed in silence and with great presence. Each position is held for at least 3-5 minutes, which gives you time to unwind the mind and feel your body. Here we work with the body's fascia, connective tissue, more than the muscles. This is achieved by going far enough into the position and holding it for a long time. The focus is often on the hips and lumbar spine, areas rich in connective tissue and which, according to yoga philosophy, store both physical and emotional tensions. No pre-registration required. The activity is for private guests.

Activity of the Day

Time: 17.00-18.00

45-60 min. depending on the activity we offer on the current day, see schedule on-site. At Yasuragi, we have many experienced activity teachers with solid knowledge in various areas. During this session, they will have the opportunity to share their unique knowledge with you. The activity is therefore different depending on the day. An opportunity for you to perhaps take part in something completely new. On the digital screens in the house, you can see what the day's activity is. No pre-registration is required. The activity is for private guests.

Zenmeditation; zazen

Time: 16.00-16.30 & 20.15-20.45

Practice finding the concept of “what is”. You learn how you should sit and what you do to come to peace and be more present with “what is”. The focus lies on breathing and posture. You even receive tips on how you can meditate at home. No advance booking is necessary. You wear your yukata and dry underwear. The activity is for private guests.

Qi Gong

Time: 19.30-20.00

The practice qigong is a method with origins in traditional Chinese medicine. Qi is universal energy flowing in our bodies. Research shows that qigong has a dampening effect on stress. The movements increase body awareness, providing deeper breathing and better posture. No advance booking is necessary. You wear your yukata and dry underwear. The activity is for private guests.

Sleep well yoga

Time: 20.15-20.45

Let this yoga class guide you towards a good night's sleep. Here you get help to slowly stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which ensures that we get deep rest and good digestion. The yoga exercises are chosen to create calm and relaxation as well as instil clarity and patience. Let body and mind come down in turns and then go straight to bed to sleep well. No pre-registration is required. The activity is for private guests.

Activity Schedule

08.30-09.15 Tabata training
09.30-09.45 Japanese morning exercise
10.00-10.45 Journey of sounds
11.00-11.45 Zenmeditation; zazen&kinhin
12.00-12.45 After check-out Shinrin-yoku
13.45-14.30 Journey of sounds
15.00-15.45 Yin yoga
16.00-16.30 Zenmeditation; zazen
17.00-18.00 Activity of the Day
18.30-19.15 Journey of sounds
19.30-20.00 Qi Gong
20.15-20.45 Zenmeditation; zazen
Time: 21.00 - 22.00 Sleep well yoga

Frequently asked questions about our activities

  • Do I need to prebook activites?

    No, we have drop-in on our activities. There is a limited number of places, so arrive well before the session begin. With respect for other guests, please do not step in on the started activity.

  • What do I wear on the activities?

    You can wear your yukata (Japanese cotton robe) during the activities. Be sure to wear underwear or dry swimwear underneath. For yoga, however, we recommend that you bring comfortable clothes to yoga in.

  • Do you have a gym?

    Outside next to our Japanese garden you will find our outdoor gym, which you are free to use at any time. There are also nice walking and jogging trails in the area. Ask for a map at the reception.

  • Can I come earlier or stay longer to be able to go on a certain activity?

    No, you are welcome to participate in the activities that start and end within the time frame of the package you have booked.

Activities at Yasuragi spa

Yasuragi offers a variety of activities for you to get a moment of rest and reload with new energy. Our idea is that you would get some inspiration, tips and advice to take care of yourselt even after you leave Yasuragi.

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